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monica devine q&a

Employee Spotlight Q&A: Monica Devine

There’s nothing like a fresh perspective to gain insight on things, which is why we decided to pick the brains of one of our newest members to the Chief Media team, Monica Devine!

Having recently graduated from Sacred Heart University as an English major with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations, Monica found herself looking to start her career in either PR or the media industry. Lucky for us, she landed in media!

Monica loved the idea of building client relationships and expanding within her chosen networks. Being in the media industry, she was excited to thrive in a fast-paced environment while making lasting connections with peers along the way.

As her media industry stars aligned, she became one of the newest members of Chief Media’s buying team as a Media Assistant.

You have a very unique role here at Chief Media, tell us more about it. Why is it important not only from an internal perspective but from a client perspective?

MD: Working as a Media Assistant, I ensure that the weekly station logs are being put into our system accurately. It’s important for all the logs to match up in the system so we as the agency can confirm our clients’ needs are being fulfilled. I think not only is this imperative from an internal perspective to keep operations running smoothly, but also from a client perspective because Chief Media’s #1 priority is our clients’ expectations. I love having a hand in that!

What kind of tasks fill your average day at the office?

MD: I run BVS every morning and review the logs to see that they are matching up. In doing so, I cross-check the stations to ensure the correct commercial tapes are running for our clients and inquire about anything that may seem off. An exciting part of my job is assisting the buyers with sending stations orders out and the buys of media! This is where I get that relationship-building aspect while communicating directly with the stations on availability and such.

Having been here for 6 months now, what can you say you are looking forward to and eager to learn about in your career here?

MD: Coming into the job and having just finished school, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was ready for anything Chief Media were to throw at me! After being in the office and getting a grasp on things, I’m excited to learn more about the buying process and work towards becoming a strong buyer. The strategy behind making efficient plans for each client and buying media is so intriguing to me and something I strive to master.

In addition to becoming the brains behind the buys, I also look forward to taking advantage of every opportunity that comes from being in the media industry to build lasting relationships.

What makes Chief Media stand out amongst others?

MD: One of the first things I noticed when I started is that everyone here is very connected. The company culture is like a family; everyone looks out for each other and pushes everyone to learn more and expand their skills. Being on the buying team, it’s refreshing to know that all of my teammates want me, and each other, to grow and learn as much as possible.

That’s Monica in a nutshell! Having her in the office is like having Monica from Friends to chat and laugh with all day long. We are so excited to have her on board so she can learn from just as much from us as we can learn from her.

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