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Q&A: Dan Account Executive

Employee Spotlight Q&A: Dan Euerle

Reflecting on Chief Media’s past year, as with everyone else’s, a lot has changed. We picked the brain of our most tenure Account Executive in the office, Dan Euerle, to get his perspective of the company’s “Then” & “Now”. Our Q&A with Dan walks us through our beloved agency over the years.

Q: You’re our most tenured AE here at Chief – How many years have you been at Chief Media and what are some of your daily tasks you’re responsible for?

A: I had worked at various agencies since 1999 before arriving at Chief Media in 2012. Right away, I knew that due to supportive & forward-thinking, along with the fun atmosphere here, it would be somewhere I would like to stay for a while.

Most of my time is spent strategizing ways to advance my client’s business objectives. The varying objectives include DTC, retail support, lead generation, awareness, and finding unique and creative paths to success is a challenge that I enjoy.

Q: How has your role and those daily tasks changed over the years? What might have affected those changes?

A: Although the media landscape has changed greatly since I entered the workforce, I still believe that knowledge that comes from reading the trades, asking the right questions, networking within the industry, and data analysis remain key to deliver results for our clients.

Q: Has the media industry or DRTV in general changed since your first few years here? If so, how?

A: Looking at the media industry holistically, the media buying process hasn’t changed much. Except for updated technology and advanced resources throughout the years the same strategy of combining competitive research with the current media landscape to optimize performance is still utilized today.

One media tactic I will say has been completely new to the industry, and here at Chief Media, is the introduction of Connected TV media buying.

Another big change has been moving to fully remote in 2020 which is still ongoing. Chief has been incredibly supportive to their workforce during this time and because of that is not a coincidence we were able to achieve great things for our clients during these uncertain times.

Q: How would your coworkers describe you? And what can you tell us about yourself outside of work?

A: I believe in treating all my co-workers, regardless of differences in age or experience or job functionality with respect. From that has spawned some unlikely and lasting friendships, and a work environment for me that is conducive to team building and achieving goals.

Outside my Chief family, I’m a married father of 2 boys (10 and 11) for whom my world outside of work revolves around. I enjoy catching up with them at the end of the day and coaching them on the weekends.

Q: Where do you see Chief Media 5-10 years from now?

A: Chief Media’s future is incredibly bright. The investment the company has made in technology and its employees since day 1 has the company always positioned ahead of the competition. I see Chief Media continuing that journey in the years ahead.

And that’s our highly respected AE, Dan! A lot has come and gone during his time with us but he couldn’t have said it better – “Chief Media’s future is incredibly bright”. We’re excited for what lies ahead!

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