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Chief Media: Back to School

School bells are ringing loud and clear. Vacation is over, school is here.

As fall arrives, many parents and students are excited about school starting back up again. Much of the country has not had students step into a classroom going back to March & April. With that, this summer has been a very different kind of summer with many people having to change plans and find new ways to keep kids entertained.

With that, this year’s first day of school has some special meaning and we celebrate as kids finally get to go back to school, even if virtually.

Everyone is ready to get out of the house.
Remote work + Remote Learning
Virtually kicking off the year
Already missing the extra attention
Prepped and ready to go!
Can’t wait to get out of the house✌️
Can’t wait to connect with friends
Even adults can’t wait for school to start
We are talking about School of Rock, right?
Let’s do this!