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Employee Spotlight Q&A: Christine Adams

A Direct Response wizard, Christine Adams has been in this industry ever since her early years out of college!

Although her career path started with wanting to be a math teacher, she realized it wasn’t for her after completing her student teaching credits. The best thing Christine ever did (bias, but we think so at least) was join the media world! We are honored to have her, and her expertise, on our side as Chief Media’s Director of Operations.

Having 17 years under her belt before she started working with Chief, Christine worked on the client-side where she started off as an admin and worked her way through several positions including Media Buyer, Media Operations Manager, and Media Director. During that time, she worked with Richard Simmons on his various weight loss programs, Billy Blanks Tae Bo, The Firm, just to name a few.

However, 5 years ago she did a 180 and transitioned to the agency side. Christine has been welcoming any challenge with a “whatever it takes” attitude here at Chief ever since!

Let’s dig deeper into this everlasting, unbreakable bond Christine & DR have!

You have a unique role here at Chief Media. Why is it important not only from an internal perspective but from a client perspective?

CA: After being on the client-side for so many years I can provide insight as to the angle and approach an agency should take to operate by having the client’s perspective in mind. Using all my years of experience I am able to anticipate what a client might ask or need to know prior to presenting them the information so that Chief Media comes prepared with all questions answered.

I remember what I wanted as a client and knowing what goes on beyond the media, I combine their needs with the industry’s capabilities to deliver the best guidance possible throughout a campaign.

Why Direct Response?

CA: Direct response is one of the most unique forms of marketing because from both sides you’re able to measure everything, from creative success to campaign response. DR was always treated as the bottom of the barrel. To see the shift and so many brands, more so than ever, using DR methods is so exciting!

Companies like Gillette and other up and coming subscription-based products consider their strategies to be “new” but it isn’t new. What we are seeing are brands offering a new take on the tried and true practice of direct response marketing. The media landscape is constantly changing, and I feel proud to be a part of it. The innovation, the switch.

As brands like Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club have taken market share, Gillette has added direct-to-consumer subscription service to compete.

Taking a step back and looking at the media industry in general, how have you personally seen DR evolve?

CA: Years ago, the typical DR ads were long-form, running for 28:30 minutes. The call to action was snail mail that took up to 4-6 weeks delivery and an 800 number.

Today’s DR is short-form heavy, completely different. You probably wouldn’t need a 28:30 spot for the same products I worked on previously. Creatives don’t go over 2 minutes! The offers are soft and forget about snail mail. The internet changed everything; everything is faster. Think about Amazon – delivery can be done overnight, or even same day!

From Snuggies to Dollar Shave Club, DR brands are now entering the big brand space. They want consumers to act now by going to their website or making a purchase through social channels. Changes in technology and attribution models are also big factors affecting the DR world today in terms of how much more accurately we can measure campaigns and optimize on performance.

What makes Chief Media stand out amongst others?

CA: Coming from the client-side and remembering what it’s like to be treated compared to how I wanted to be treated at times, I make sure that at Chief Media you never feel like our client, you feel like our partner.

Having a trusted navigator when it comes to exploring new markets and media channels allows you to avoid pitfalls along the way.

That just about sums up DR from our Director of Operations, Christine Adams! And that’s coming from someone who originally didn’t know DR existed! Now DR is her second family, and if there’s anything to know about Christine is that she is BIG on family. Away from the office she is rock climbing or having movie night with her two boys. Her instincts don’t stop there, everyone knows and loves Christine to be the “Mom of the office” ?.

Want to know more about Chief Media, or better yet, talk DR with Christine as she chews your ear off about her beautiful boys? Click here to contact us today.