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Chief Media Transforms Programmatic TV Buying with New Advanced Audience Targeting for Linear TV

NEW YORK, NY, October 3, 2017 – Chief Media, a leading direct response marketing agency, announced today new technology innovations that provide marketers with robust programmatic TV ad solutions and strategic media buying powered by first-party audience data.

Through a strategic alliance with Futures Media, Chief Media empowers its clients with its Television Trader Terminal (T3 Technology), the first technology built specifically to manage the live marketplace of linear television. Marketers using Chief Media can now employ this platform to access, build and optimize efficient audience based media plans in TV real time using first-party data while gaining a deeper knowledge and true understanding of active viewership.

“We are on the cusp of a significant pivot in the media sector where traditional and digital channels will finally converge empowering marketers with the sophisticated targeting tools to build truly holistic, multi-platform video media plans,” said Scott Paternoster, Founder and CEO at Chief Media. “Our partnership with Futures Media is a testament to our continued investment in technology to ensure we are consistently providing innovative solutions for our clients and pushing the industry forward.”

Leveraging Chief Media’s attribution engine, Continuum, marketers can achieve great accuracy, measure cross-screen campaign effectiveness and integrate conversion data to gain a more holistic picture of their media return on investment when coupled with the new programmatic offering.

“By blending the art and science of efficient media buying with the data, analytics, tools, and technology of the programmatic digital world, we are helping brands eliminate media waste and maximize ROI by making smarter faster strategic marketing decisions,” said Josh Winograd, CEO at Futures Media. “Our partnership with Chief Media has put us in a position to service all multi-platform video clients, from direct-to-consumer ROI-focused clients to audience targeted brands looking for efficiencies beyond Nielsen age and demographic models.

About Chief Media
Since 2001, Chief Media has powered direct response media with pioneering technology that enables clients to richly engage customers and optimize every dollar spent. As the first DR agency to develop cross-screen attribution software to pinpoint integrated media response behavior and precisely measure ROI, Chief Media leads best practices for campaign optimization and customer lifetime value. With a commitment to our clients’ short and long-term success, we combine nearly 20 years of exceptional service and cutting-edge tools with the strongest relationships in the business—from media vendors, telemarketers, call centers, fulfillment houses, and merchant banks—to ensure data-driven DR campaigns and retail opportunities achieve outstanding results.

About Futures Media
Future Media is an advanced TV technology that delivers a centralized and agnostic marketplace for video advertising.

Futures Media was founded in 2013 with the vision to forge the precision targeting of digital with the reach of traditional television to deliver a powerful and holistic video platform. Our T3 Technology™ empowers brands with universal access to cross-screen audiences helping them to more efficiently plan, buy and optimize. In turn, publishers gain more control over inventory and pricing.

Futures Media is comprised of seasoned professionals spanning the digital, television and financial sectors. The combined experience has allowed us to create a platform that meets the demands of today with an eye on the future.